Marco Betti:
A Musical Bio

Marco Betti

What’s unique about Italian drummer Marco Betti is probably his all-but-linear musical career. His experience with a wide range of genres and musical scenes made him into a versatile and all-around musician. A pupil of Sandro Lorenzetti, Marco’s vast knowledge of American musical tradition is distilled in his very own idea of Jazz music.


Marco is part of underground singer/songwriter Nicolas Falcon’s project, releasing an EP titled Falcon and The Featherweights, and a touring across central Europe.


The Marco Betti Trio take their first steps in Milan, building a name in the most renowned clubs in the city, such as Blue Note Milano, Le Scimmie, and so on...


Marco joins the lineup of the Vintage Trio, led by Italian blues legend Max Prandi. It is the chance to share the stage with many outstanding artists from the Italian blues scene, such as texan singer and harmonicist Greg Izor, Max De Bernardi, Veronica Sbergia, Heggy Vezzano, and Angelo Rossi.


The Trio begin a fruitful collaboration with the Jazz Club Torino, where they become resident band and first propose their show A Night with the Jazz Giants. They eventually become resident in other clubs in Milan (Garage Moulinski and Santeria Toscana) and Reggio Emilia (The Craftsman Jazz Club), developing new shows such as From a Wider Perspective, Without a Net, and Four Brothers.


After a few years of collaboration with Diego Geraci, the pillar of the Italian country/honky tonk/rockabilly scene asks Marco to join the lineup of his main project, the Don Diego Trio, on a regular basis. With them he tours the USA, the UK, Italy, and western Europe, participating in a great deal of prestigious festivals and playing with some giants in the genre: Deke Dickerson, Charlie Gracie, Mark Gamsjager, and Chris Casello. In 2019, the album Cowboy Jazz Experience is released.


Avant-garde jazz guitarist Simone Massaron’s The Massaron-Millevoi Connection features Marco on the drums. The album, released by Long Song Records, is a novel collaboration with american guitarist Nick Millevoi.


With the global pandemic hindering all the touring activity, the Trio enter the studio, focusing on capturing all their live energy for their first album: Rumble in The Jungle.


The Trio is back on the road at last, in a tour throughout northern and central Italy to promote their newly released Rumble in The Jungle. Having his residences confirmed, Marco has thus the chance to explore new sonic frontiers, transforming his project with different lineups.